Dave Ramsey: Increase life insurance?

Dear Dave: My husband and I are on Baby Step 3b, and we’re saving for a house. We’re out of debt and both of us make good money, plus we each have 20-year level term life insurance policies with coverage equaling 10 times our individual incomes. We also have […]

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I don’t always agree with Dave Ramsey. I certainly do not agree with his term policy only for all. There are quite a few variables that go into purchasing life insurance.

Look at the article I wrote highlighting THE FIRST 4 STEPS OF BUYING LIFE INSURANCE. You’ll see that one size doesn’t fit everyone all the time.

Although putting a policy in place is certainly the cornerstone of any financial plan, this is not a cookie cutter process. I would be happy to walk through some examples of lost opportunity cost in buying term life insurance as a younger person.

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