5 Reasons Not to Rely On Employer-Provided Life Insurance

5 Reason Not to Relay on Employer-Provided Life Insurance

Free life insurance from your employer is a sweet deal. The employer pays for the coverage, and all you have to do is sign up during open enrollment for employee benefits. You might have to pay a small amount from each paycheck, but it’s usually only a couple of dollars.

While you’re looking into the option I would suggest you ask – Is the life policy you’re getting through your employer enough to take care of your family? And are you paying too much for that coverage?

Life insurance is a popular benefit for employers to offer. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2019 60% of non-government workers had access to employer-provided life insurance. A life policy isn’t as common a benefit as health insurance, so offering it can help draw talent to a company and improve the employer-employee relationship.

The truth is these group policies are often easier to qualify for than individual life policies, but there are some drawbacks to these types of policies.

Here are 5 Reasons Not to Rely On Employer-Provided Life Insurance:

Your Policy Ends When Your Job Does

Employer-provided life policy normally does not transfer with you when you leave your job. You can’t take it with you when you go, and there’s no guarantee that your next employer will offer life insurance.

Health Changes Can Leave You Uninsurable

If you’re in the best rating class at 25, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to be in the best rating class at 35. It’s not only because you will be older, but you may also be less healthy

Additional Employer-Provided Coverage May Be Over-Priced

Often you have the option of buying additional coverage from the employer at your own cost. Also, if you are leaving your employer, you may be given a chance to convert the coverage to an individual policy. This optional insurance may be very expensive, particularly if you’re young because it’s priced on a guaranteed issue basis — everybody who works at an organization is covered, regardless of their health.

It’s Often Not Enough Coverage

The coverage provided by employer group life insurance is normally only a small multiple of your salary, maybe one or two times, and increasing coverage can be costly.

There Are No “Living Benefits”

Most employer-provided group life policies are typically bare-bones term insurance. Group term insurance only provides a death benefit. Permanent
insurance provides a death benefit and offers additional benefits for you and your loved ones.

While there’s no reason not to take advantage of any free option your employer offers, it probably should not be your only source of life insurance. The solution to each of the problems described above is to purchase some or all of your life insurance directly through a licensed agent.

A great place to start when determining how much life insurance you might is with a basic life insurance calculator. Remember, there are multiple ways to structure life insurance to get you the protection you need.

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